Chinook Salmon Counts by Boat - April 15, 2019

Photo Credit: Courtesy of New Rayann
New Rayann
Sausalito, CA

Photo Credit: Capt Jared
Salty Lady
Sausalito, CA

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Outer Limits Sportfishing

Chinook Salmon Fish Counts

Rank Boat Trip Type Caught
1 Outer Limits (Sausalito, CA)
Sausalito, CA
Full Day 18
2 New Rayann
Sausalito, CA
Full Day 11
3 New Sea Angler
Bodega Bay, CA
Full Day 10
4 Kahuna
Moss Landing, CA
Full Day 9
5 Salty Lady
Sausalito, CA
Full Day 7
6 Check Mate
Monterey, CA
Full Day 5