Welcome to the official Chinook Salmon website. We have detailed information about the Chinook Salmon. Check out the top ten Chinook Salmon of the year. You can research charters boats and find out which captains catch the most Chinook Salmon. We also have a Chinook Salmon photo gallery from all over California. Interested in setting a record check out the current records for the Chinook Salmon.

Chinooks of the Day

Chinooks of the Year

Daily Salmon Scores

Boat Trip Type Caught
New El Dorado III Full Day 54
New Easy Rider Full Day 50
New Rayann Full Day 46
Outer Limits (Sausalito, CA) Full Day 46
Lovely Martha Full Day 43
El Dorado Full Day 42
Tigerfish Full Day 38
Salty Lady Full Day 36
Chasin Crustacean Full Day 14
Sundance Salmon Trolling 12

World Record!

Kenai River, AK
Les Anderson - 97 lb. 4 oz.
World Record Chinook Salmon!

Top 10 Salmon Boats

Rank Boat Caught
1 New Easy Rider 214
2 Outer Limits (Sausalito, CA) 202
3 New El Dorado III 198
4 Lovely Martha 189
5 New Rayann 142
6 New Sea Angler 129
7 Riptide 116
8 Hog Heaven 114
9 Tigerfish 110
10 C Gull II 106